Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday, William!

Dear Big Stink,

Today is your sixth birthday and you are such a little man now.  Our constant mantra this year has been, “Think before you act!”  But you just can’t seem to master that impulse control quite yet.  In fact, it’s so rare for you to think first that you will actually announce it at times.  “I *WAS* going to jump from that table to that chair, but I thought before I acted!” 

You surprise me in the things you are drawn to (besides trouble).  You love to help people and you love to get hugs and tickles.  You love babies so much that you will stop and say how cute one is no matter where we are.  You play really well with all the older kids we are with, but also equally as well with little ones.  I love how gentle you can be.

Your Kindergarten year was wonderful.  You excel at ever subject and are actually finishing up first grade work at this point.  You pick things up very quickly and then move them further forward, concept-wise in your head.  Amazes me how well you do this.  I wish they could bottle some of that for me.

Your video games are a huge love this year.  You love the Lego games for the PlayStation- Harry Potter, Star Wars, Batman, etc.  You have a Skylander’s game that you also love with figures that you collect.  Very over my head, but brings you much joy, so that is all that matters.

Your big announcement being six years old this morning is that you can now go into Signa’s top bunk.  There is apparently a sticker up there that says you must be six to go on the top bunk.  Apparently, Signa has held that over your head (figuratively and literally) for the past four years.  Today, my little man, you may go into the top bunk.  Enjoy!

We love you more and more every single day and are excited to watch you learn to think before you act over the next few years.

Love you, Bubbinator!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

1940 Census- Index and Browse. Index and Browse.

I’ve been having fun looking at the 1940 census.  I’ve found three of my four grandparents- still looking for grandma!  I have also indexed 5 pages of the census and I have to say that the indexing makes looking at the kajillion images much much easier.  I highly encourage you to index with me.  

You can do 5 pages or 5 names- every name helps!  There is also a contest- 

Each week there is a new Challenge and you will be automatically entered to win.
This week’s challenge is listed here: https://the1940census.com/weekly-contest-week-april-2/ 

Join me in making history!