Saturday, May 19, 2012

Connor Cousin Conundrum

Jackie and I have been trying to be cousins for quite some time now.  The names match, but then it seems all names in Scotland match ours.  But with old-fashioned detective work through document collection and handwriting analysis, we have finally stamped each other with the cousin brand.  Which is great because we have so much in common!  I was glad to call her friend, but cousin is even better.

We collected the following documents:

My side of the family
1.    Scotland Census- my third great grandfather (Thomas) and his parents, William and Jane Connor
2.    Statutory Marriages- marriage of my third great grandfather and 3rd great grandmother.  Thomas is listed as the son of William Connor and Jane Simpson
3.    Statutory Births- birth of Thomas’ daughter Agnes.  Signed by William Connor, “father’s father”. 
4.    Statutory Births - birth of Thomas’ daughter Jane Humes Connor.
5.    Statutory Births - birth of Thomas’ son William Mason Connor (my 2nd great grandfather)

Jackie’s side of the family
6.    Statutory Birth- Jackie’s 3rd great grandfather’s birth. John, listed as the son of William Connor and Jane Humes.
7.    Statutory Birth- Son William of William and Jane Humes born. 
8.    Scotland Census- Lists William Connor and Jane H
9.    Statutory Births- Jane Connor (illegitimate) born to Martha Connor.
10. Scotland Census- lists William Conner and Jane (wife)
11. Statutory Deaths- John Connor (illegitimate) son of Mary Connor. 
12. Statutory Births- William Connor (illegitimate) born to Mary Conner.
13. Statutory Deaths- Jane Conner, married to William Connor
14. Scotland Census- Lists William Connor, unmarried, age 22 with his sister Jane, age 17, and his nephew William age 2.

Our goal was see if my William and Jane (in red) were the same William and Jane as Jackie’s (also in red).

The dilemma was four-fold:  1) almost everyone named Connor is also named William or Jane.  2) My Jane was listed with the maiden name of Simpson and Jackie’s Jane with Humes.  3) Jane has over 408 billion nicknames (Jess, Janet, Jane, etc.).  4) In the two census years, the family changes so that the only constants are the parents.

But we had some clues, too. 
1) The ages and Ireland birth for both William and Jane matched exactly as did the occupation (Ironstone Miner). 
2) In Carluke, there were only these Connors listed in the census. There are no others. 
3) Items #3, 6, 9 above all showed the same address- John Street, Carluke. 
And finally, the topper:
4) William signed several documents listing his relationship to the statutory record person and it’s the same signature: Items 3, 6, 7, 11, 13.  Ergo the same William.

The outstanding question is Jane/Janet.  Why was she “Simpson” in mine and “Humes” in Jackie’s?  Is it the same person?  And if it’s a second wife, why did his first wife’s son name his daughter for his step-mom? 

Here is the chart as we know it:

William Connor
b. 1822-1823 County Kerry, Ireland
m. 12 August 1838 County Kerry, Ireland
Janet Humes/Simpson
b. 1823-1825 County Kerry, Ireland
d. 9 June 1879 Carnurath Road, Carluke, Carluke, Lanark County, Scotland
d. 1885 in Iowa, USA

  • ·         Thomas b. 1844 Ireland, m. 4 October 1861 to Janet Mason
§  William b. 10 November 1861, d. 1862
§  Agnes b. 2 September 1863, d. 1864
§  Thomas b. 5 January 1865, d. 1944
§  Jane Humes b. 14 January 1866, d. 1899
§  Elizabeth b. 13 February 1868, d. 18 February 1959
§  John b. 26 December 1869, d. 1928
§  William Mason b. 29 January 1872, 15 March 1970
§  Charles Mason b. 1873, d. 1874
§  Janet Mason b. 1875
§  Martha b. 11 April 1877, d. 21 August 1965
  • ·         Martha Jane b. 1846 Ireland
§  Jane b. 1 December 1864 (illegitimate)
  • ·         John b. 4 April 1855 in John Street, Carluke, Scotland. 
  • ·         William b 30 April 1858 in John Street, Carluke, Scotland
  • ·         Mary b 1853 in Scotland
§  John b 1875 d 27 April 1876 (illegitimate)
§  William b 21 May 1878 (illegitimate)
  • ·         Jane b. 1864-65

· 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881 Scotland Census.  Databases. Accessed 2010
·         Scotland.  ScotlandsPeople.  Digital images. Accessed 2011

Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Daughter's Genealogy Report

She wrote a script and everything.  Give 'em a camera and they don't know it's what they usually call "boring"...

Signa Felt by Signa Mascot