Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Man I've Been Spending Time With

This post may be a bit surprising to some of you.  I’ve spent the last few months getting to know a new man.  Well, he’s not “new”; I’ve known him for many years, but recently I’ve been spending a lot of time with him.  

I wish I could use a song instead of a picture for the header.  If I could, I’d use Blue or Gray by JayMay.  Some of the lyrics go, “…crazy eyes have you, are they gray or blue…”  And I can’t figure his out.  Sometimes they are gray and others blue.

I didn’t realize before how strong he was and how important.  Despite his height (he’s 5’7” which is taller than me, but still I guess short by some standards) and his farming background, he has been chosen to lead big construction projects all over the country.  I’ve also learned that we have a lot in common besides our asthma.  I laugh when he describes his attacks, as they remind me so much of mine before I found the right cocktail of inhalers. 

He very much epitomizes the diplomacy that Libras are known for.  I’m finding his peaceful and hospitable qualities very attractive!  He works hard to make sure everyone is happy.  This harmonizes nicely with my Cancer attributes that want a nice happy drama-free home.  Also, after spending my childhood with Dad and Mom’s lifelong friends and then Marc’s and my own, it’s nice to see that his friends from childhood still live just miles away.  It’s comfortable and happy to have this extended family continue.  

Next week, we are taking our first trip together.  We fly to his birth State of Pennsylvania.  He will sit quietly while I attend work meetings and then when I'm not busy with work, we'll visit his birth town where he will hopefully show me around.

But damn it.  Why do all the good ones have to be married?  Or related to me?  Or dead for 99 years?  Or all three?

3rd Great Grampa Miles Price, I’ve loved combing through your 156-page Civil War Pension File, but it makes me wonder if I were born decades too late.  And if you have a friend…

Who needs eHarmony and Tinder?  I just need Civil War pension files and a time machine.

 Notes: In several records, his eye color is listed as blue and in several others, it's listed as gray.  Miles Price was in the Pioneer Corps in the Civil War.  They led the way ahead of the troops, building roads and bridges.  After the War, he volunteered for the Engineers, rebuilding the roads and bridges in the South.  He filed his invalid pension due to difficulty with coughing whenever he was in the cold or had a cold.  His symptoms matched mine exactly, only he blamed the measles he caught in the first few months during the War. I blame mine on my son, who tortured my lungs during pregnancy. Or something like that.  He seems to have truly believed in the War, not just doing it to do it.  He also was said to be a fair and peaceful man.  He traveled to Illinois from Pennsylvania with friends as a very young man, and then with the same friends to Iowa.  They lived nearby one another for their lifetimes.  All of this is what I based this writing on. And why I'm so fascinated with Grampa Price.  Next week, I visit Pennsylvania and I hope to find him in records there as well.