Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pak-ak's Dice Cup

Grandchildren sometimes have a funny way of saying, "Grandma" or "Grandpa."   My son called my mom, "Nina" until he was 3 or 4.  Nina came from GRANDMA not Nana, so it's especially odd.  I called my paternal grandfather, "Bumpa" for a long time for GRAMPA.  But even odder is that my older cousin called my maternal grandfather, "Pak-ak" rather than GRANDPA.  So Pak-ak stuck for all future grandchildren and he was forever known as Pak-ak.  I sometimes even forget it's weird.

Anyway, this was Pak-ak's dice cup.  I use it as a pencil holder on my desk, since I don't really play dice games.

Charles Albert Badgley (aka "Pak-ak") was born on August 19, 1907 in Fresno, California.  He was a Mason and a printer for most of his life.  He moved to Oakland and then Sacramento, California where he died on February 20, 2000. Charles was the son of Robert Henry Badgley and Minnie May Irish.

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