Sunday, May 5, 2013

Google Plus (and Other Social Media)

I had a Lunch 'n' Learn awhile back with my local genealogical society (Livermore-Amador Genealogical Society) and we talked about many different social media avenues online.  As I spoke, I thought about those that I use and realized that I have a huge advantage in that I do not need to use all of them.  I am not in this genealogy “thing” as a business.  So I can pick and choose.  Try and delete.

Facebook I use for family and friends.  I have a few genealogists on my list that I like to read.  And a few genealogists that have crossed into friends and I’d keep them even if genealogy died.  Twitter was once fun, but I find it difficult to keep on top of.  So many posts are made that even if you are offline while at work, you miss so much that you feel like you are lost in the dark.

One that I tried only for a bit and didn’t like, I’d stopped using entirely.  Google+.   I found it boring and useless.  Then they created Communities.  Now I find it one of the most useful of my morning genealogy endeavors.  I can scroll through and read great items directly interesting me.  If you aren't already there, I suggest going to Google+ and joining theses communities:

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