Friday, September 6, 2013

Where Do You Get Your Genealogical Education?

Our local genealogical society, Livermore-AmadorGenealogical Society has a Lunch ‘n’ Learn every other month (that we are switching to monthly, as we all really like it).  Last month our meeting was about how we get our genealogical education.  I brought a list of my educational sources and then the others all added to it.  We came away with a very comprehensive list that we are very proud of! 
The other fun part was that my 7-year-old son came along.  I wanted to show him that even us old people keep learning.  He had a wonderful time—played with George’s hearing aid and told everyone about his 4-H Family History class where he gets his genealogy education (“With the very best teacher EVER- My Momma!”).

I put a link to our class notes here:

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