Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Evaluating Evidence and Reviewing Online Education

Week 6 of Genealogy Do-Over brings us Evaluating Evidence and Reviewing Online Education Options.  I admit that evaluating evidence brings me the most amount of angst.  I think because of my difference in how I'm researching (to write, not to log), evaluating will happen via words rather than a chart.  I can explain that there are four dates for someone's birth, where each came from and which I trust.  But in the text, rather than in a spreadsheet.  Doing this will be easy, whereas charting it makes me itch.  But I do still need to keep track of it all and so I use my Family Tree Maker file to log all the information. 

For online education, I so enjoy my Legacy Family Tree Webinars subscription.  I use the webinars all the time and enjoy each of them.  I highly recommend them and I have committed to one webinar a month.  I also want to get back to National Instituteof Genealogical Studies.  I just need some money and time.

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