Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Genealogy Societies

This was supposed to auto-post last week, but didn't during the Blogger 2011 Outage.  I knew I was going to be busy and sick, so I experimented with future blogs.  Nice that I still don't know if it WOULD HAVE worked...

Tuesday night was our genealogy society’s monthly meeting and this month featured Lisa Louise Cooke (of the Genealogy Gems podcast).  Ms. Cooke gave a wonderful presentation on the different things we can do to share our research and stories with non-genealogists.  She had some great craft ideas and some great insight on how to make it more fun for those in our families who really hate the charts we try to share.

I have a cold and didn’t want to share it with the entire L-AGS group, so I ducked out quickly at the end, but this is the kind of meeting that makes me joyful.  I hear a lot from friends that they don’t join their local society because they have no local family history. I don’t either, but I get so much out of our society.  The people are nice and helpful and not just studying local history. I remember in 1999 going to my first meeting and meeting a 5th cousin. She lived in my town in California, but our common ancestor came from Pennsylvania.

I’m also hoping to help people from far away who have some family history in our area.  The Lucas County Genealogical Society has helped so much that it would be terrific if somehow I could give back.

So join your local genealogical society, go to the meetings, download Lisa’s podcasts and share your family history!

There is your to-do list for today. 

You’re welcome.

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  1. Debbie - your post caught my attention. I've been wondering about joining the local society (Whatcom County, Washington)for a few months now. Time to follow up with that.