Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sentimental Sunday: Under the Sea Dance

I asked my grandfather how his parents met, as I realized that I had no idea.  I wish I’d asked my great grandfather when he was alive, but alas, I was too busy being a sullen teenager.  Anyway, at least I got the story now.

My great grandmother Anne Ellen Konst was a school teacher for awhile.  Her school was halfway between Midland and Capa, South Dakota.  Because it was 5 miles in either direction, she lived in a little house behind the school.  In rural areas, sometimes the most you had was a few people in each township, so they would get together in the schoolhouses for dances.  My grandfather, Orville Thomas Conner, came from his father’s homestead out in Ottumwa (about 10 miles to the train and then another 10 or 12 miles on the train) for a dance at my great grandmother’s school.

Now, Grampa didn’t tell me if it was love at first sight or anything, but look at these two?!?!?  Don’t you think it was, since they were married for 61 years.

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