Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What Will You Do?

Picture this… it’s 6am the morning of April 2.  You have your sleepy eyes and coffee in hand as you boot up your computer.  You do know that it’s 1940 Census Day™ and so you have your list ready of Grandma and Grandpa.  You take a sip of coffee and click your shortcut link to the census.  You plug in names but… no 1940 census comes up for them.  Why?

Well, although the census will be released at 6am (Pacific Time), until that moment, no one will have seen it before.  So no one has typed your grandma or grandpa’s names in for you to search for.  Right now, Grandma and Grandpa’s names are just images on a page.

So what are you going to do? 

Sit there and wait, drinking your coffee and staring at the screen waiting for it to refresh? 

Or will you instead click here and register to be one of those people who types in the names of grandmas and grandpas?

Even better?  Will you dare to click here right now and start indexing other things, to warm you up for the 1940 census?  Tomorrow morning over coffee, I will be indexing a few names from 1890-1976 Texas Deaths.  Care to join me?

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  1. I've been indexing the Texas deaths and I've been stunned to see such a high percentage of the deaths in the 1930's to be infants. :-(