Saturday, June 23, 2012

Not for the Stalkers

I went through the catalog for the classes offered at the Northern California Family History Expo and have made my initial choices.  These choices usually change, but I thought I’d share where I plan to be (for any psychotic stalkers, I will not *really* be in those rooms at those times; posting THAT on the internet would be so stupid and I’d never be that dumb…).

What’s New in RootsMagic-
At the Jamboree last month, I bought a copy of RootsMagic.  I hear such good things about it and really wanted another program to put GOOD CLEAN data on (as opposed to my BAD DIRTY Family Tree Maker data). I like Family Tree Maker, as it’s all I’ve ever known, but I noticed that a lot of other people use more than one program.  That said, I still haven’t installed or used my copy.  A class may be just the thing I need to get excited enough about it to remember to put the disk in.

I LOVE Libraries-
I want to take this class as I really do LOVE LIBRARIES.    I want to learn more about what I can find there and what to ask for.

What’s in Your Family History Toolbox -
I really enjoy Paul Larsen’s book, Crash Course in Family History, and I know this is a new item he has for sale.  I forgot to go back for it at Jamboree and so I’ll take this class and pick it up at this Expo.

Beyond Names and Dates: Building Your Ancestor’s Profile-
I’m taking this class purely for the presenter, Angela Kraft.  She is a friend of MyHeritageHappens and I met her at Jamboree.  She’s speaking at our local genealogical society meeting next month and so I want to hear it first!  Also, the topic of finding more than names and dates is close to my heart.

Genealogy on the Go-
Since I’m mostly doing my Genealogy on the Go, I thought this seemed like an apt class for me.  I rarely have time at home in front of my computer so learning other ways to keep what I need with me will be fantastic.

Genealogy Education on the Internet: The National Institute for Genealogical Studies-
Education is always a passion and I’d like to learn more about classes that are available.  Since Jamboree and the Expo are only annual events, it would be great to find more to fill in during the rest of the year!

DIY Family History Book Design-
Biff and Nancy Barnes are two of my very favorite speakers.  I really have already designed my book and am writing it in that format, but I can’t go to a place where they speak and NOT catch a class of theirs.  Perhaps they can give me inspiration for my NEXT book…

Irish Research Online and Offline-
We just recently found some details on our Irish line, so this will be my first experience with Irish research.  All I knew from before is that YOU HAVE TO KNOW THE COUNTY, so I had ignored everything after that.  Now I have the county… so I need to go back and un-ignore what I heard before.

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    I keep waiting for more reviews by geneabloggers on Roots Magic before I jump in...