Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Comments- I'm truly not a robot

One thing I’d really like to get better at is commenting on the posts that are written on blogs that I read.  I love getting your comments and I imagine that you’d not feel like you got a stick in the eye if you got a comment or two from me now and then.  However… 

When I have to jump through hoops or type and retype my comments and bizarre words in order to make a comment, I may not feel my comment of “I agree!” or “Beautifully said!” will be of worthy value enough to go through it all.

Just thought you should know… if you aren’t getting comments from me, it’s not that I’m not reading-- just that I’m really having a difficult time of authenticating myself to your robot-searcher-outer.  Perhaps you would like to change to be a bit less stringent?

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