Saturday, December 1, 2012

Society Saturday- My Choices

I was cleaning out my wallet and came across the membership cards for those societies that I belong to (at least those that use membership cards).  It made me think about the societies that I belong to and why.  Here is my list:

my “home” society.  This is my genealogy family.  They have wonderful meetings, wonderful interest groups, wonderful people and are constantly giving back.  I will be a lifetime member of L-AGS. 

my “2nd home” society. This is my extended genealogy family.  They also have great meetings and interest groups and people, but they are not right around the corner, so my participation is slim.  I have been asked to do some fliers and brochures, so I jump at the chance to help.  There is a committee starting that I was asked to be on, so I’ll be able to hopefully give back a little there, too. I will be a lifetime member of CGS. 

if I could have a 3rd home, it would be this group.  Being so far away, I rarely attend their events (the Spring Seminar is AWESOME!), but their communication and offerings are fantastic.  Even though I don’t do anything to give back to this group, I plan to continue my membership with Root Cellar. 

I joined this last year for the Jamboree and I am not sure if I will continue.  They have great meetings and events, but I’m way too far away.  I do love the NewsaperArchives my membership gives, so that may be a reason to stay. 

This is my 2nd great grandma and her parent’s hometown (Russell, Lucas County, Iowa).  This society is amazing.  They go above and beyond and I will be a lifetime member of this group.  Someday, I will attend one of their meetings, too! 

I joined this group because my husband’s family has massive roots in this county of Ohio.  I thought it would be great to learn more through their publications and information, but I haven’t really made use of them.  Or them of me. 

Silicon Valley Computer Genealogy Group-
I won a membership to this group but have never been to a meeting.  I may keep membership just because I love their sticky notes, but not sure that is a good enough reason.  I need to look into this one more.

Here are some that I plan to look into:

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  1. Hi Debbie,
    Thank you for your kind words about Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society! It's always nice to receive validation from members or anyone actually that the Society is doing a good job. And thanks for maintaining membership despite the distance. If you are able to attend the Spring Seminar on March 16th with Thomas MacEntee, be sure to find me and say hello. I'd love to meet you.
    --Denise H. Richmond,
    Publicity Chairperson