Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Comment Spamming- Driving Me to Drink

Now that the 31 Days of Decorations is over, I can make a book of Christmas.  I’m going to use the Advent Calendar posts I did last year and the year before and merge them with these posts and make a cute picture book.  In my head it’s cute anyway.  I’ll share the results.  If they are cute.

In other news, what the he double hockey sticks is up with the comment spammers?  I totally don’t understand so much about it.  They write it like it’s a real comment, but put in a foreign language and then back in English and then post randomly.  Is that what they really do?  It’s ridiculous.  I get about 2 a day (not a lot) so I have time to “read” them and I am amazed.  Here is my favorite (without the link to their site):

These therapies are great for people who tend to overanalyze their situations and will be of great use to them.  Indeed, the best schools produce the best physical therapists in the country, so it is every aspiring therapist. Also, be sure to have both the training and experience, which are needed before you even think of applying.

This was posted on my Dad’s funeral card blog post.  “These therapies”???  “Great use to them”???  Really?  This was my father’s funeral card, dude or dudette.  Show some freaking respect.  (Although, perhaps it is true that both training and experience would be needed before you even think of applying to wherever Dad is now…)  Good luck to you, spammer.  May my dad have the honor one day of explaining to you what he thinks of physical therapy and the best schools.  You are in for hours of entertaining lecture.  Just remember that you asked for it...

And Happy New Year to the rest of you!  May 2013 bring you lost cousins, found ancestors and all the information you can shake a stick at!

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