Monday, February 18, 2013

Capa, South Dakota-- Revisited

Yesterday I was poking around the internet for anything about Capa, South Dakota, as I’m known to do a few times a year.  But what came up yesterday hadn’t come up in Google for me before: a link to a short radio interview with the lone remaining Capa resident.  I’ve listened to it a few times now and because of Grampa’s description of Capa, I can picture each of the remaining buildings he mentions.  Only my picture is of how it was in 1930, not how it is today.

If someone gave me a trip to anywhere in the world I want to go, would it be horrible of me to want to go to the ghost town of Capa, South Dakota?

Speaking of Capa, I’ve had some wonderful emails exchanged with descendants of folks from there.  I passed photos to them and them to me and then I’d send the stories and questions and new pictures to my 94-year-old Grampa.  He’d relay stories back to me about my new contact’s ancestors.  I’ve gotten so caught up with Capa, that I am thinking of taking the Capa chapter out of my Dukes of Mixager book and making Capa have its own booklet.  A tour of Capa as it once was.  Or some such thing.

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