Friday, January 23, 2015

Genealogy Do-Over: Using Scrivener, Logs, and Family Group Sheets

In GenealogyDo-Over Week 2, we were to focus on collecting information about our own lives, interviewing other family members, and setting research goals.  Since I’m not doing a full do-over, I focused on getting my information ready.  I put my information for Part 1 of Dukes into Scrivener.  Next I went through and make in-line annotations for where footnotes need to be. 

Thomas also looked at Family Group Sheets, so I decided to use mine over again, too.  I will use these (by hand) when I’m creating my do-overs.  I reviewed my Family Group Sheet and Research Checklist that I’d created and decided to continue with their use for now. 

In Genealogy Do-Over Week 3, the focus is on tracking and conducting research.  I looked at Thomas’ Genealogy Research Log and decided to see if it can work for me for the Dukes project.  I added a Place column, as sometimes I get the place separate from the date, so I thought that may work better for me. 

Here is the first shot at that for the first paragraph in Section 1:

I can use the log to add all the other data that I have or that I find, from the records that I have or that I find.

In Do-Over Week 2, we were to also focus on ourselves (if we were doing the full do-over.  I am not, but since I’ve already written a number of stories for my Personal History with prompts, I put all those into a different Scrivener file for a different project I’m exploring that isn't really genealogy related, but more myself and my dad's story.  Combined.  It's still being mulled around, so I'm not sure on it yet, but I did get my stories out of Word and into Scrivener.

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