Thursday, January 1, 2015

Genealogy Do-Over

I thought I’d post that I’m not really doing a Genealogy Do-Over.  I’m doing a modified Genealogy Do-Over…  A lot of genealogists have a goal of a well-documented family tree database.  I do not.  For me, the database is just a tool and sometimes (as with the Mariani book) I didn’t even use my genealogy database.  My genealogy goal is always to end up with a well-written story (or book) backed up by good documentation.  With my recent book, I accomplished my goal of writing my feelings into a genealogy and having it sourced so that when someone says, “Where did you get that piece of data?” I can easily find it. 

I did not reach this goal with my family book of a few years ago.  Yes, it has feelings and yes, it is written.  Both things that are super important to my end goal and that I’m VERY proud of.  So this new “do-over” isn’t because I’m not proud of what I’ve done, but just that now I think I can do it even better.

When Thomas MacIntee first posted a do-over, I wasn’t too excited, as I have a lot of writing goals that are more important to me than building a good database.  But then I remembered that I really wanted this book to be better than it is in its current state.  A big goal and a bit daunting, but Thomas’ program can be a tool to get this done.  I can use what I learn through redoing the research to make the book better—the documentation better and the sourcing better.  I imagine that through doing this, I will actually have to change some of it and that’s okay.  The Duke of Mixager and His Naked Turkeys, 2nd Edition will be EVEN BETTER than the first!  And that’s exciting.

I will have to adapt some of the weekly ideas to work with this project, since I’m working backward, but I have looked through (briefly so as to not over think it!) and I can’t see where this won’t work for my project.  So off we go. 

Genealogy Do-Over of the Duke of Mixager!

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