Thursday, October 28, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday

One of my first steps in genealogy was to post a note in the Rootsweb Lucas County, Iowa email list about my great, great grandfather who had lived in Russell, Iowa for many years (William Mason Conner). His wife, Harriet Price, also lived there. One of the members of that list (no relation) sent my note to someone at the Lucas County Genealogical Society (no relation) who went through every paper and printed off every single article and obituary for every single Conner and Price in Lucas County. She also gave my request for information to the editor of the newsletter (no relation) who posted it in the newsletter. A member of the society (no relation) was neighbors with someone from the Price family and gave them my address. I then received a wealth of information including pictures.

One picture is from when my grandfather in 1935 visited his grandfather. They’d kept this picture in the box, as it said, “Cousin Pierre”.

This ALL cost me an email and $5 to join the society. Talk about TREASURE.

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