Sunday, October 24, 2010

Why in the World

When I found my grandmother's grandparents, who she knew nothing about, I felt like I'd run a marathon. And won. At that time, I tried to share with others how it made me feel to find them, but unless a person is also interested in family history, it's a bit difficult for them to understand the ephoria. So I thought then about a genealogy blog, but had no idea that it was a real thing. I didn't even Google for it, thinking it was silly.

And then I went to the California Family History Expo and learned there are hundreds of you.

And I want in on the club.

So here we are.

The lines I'm studying are numerous and switch around all the time. That's my favorite part of genealogy- you get bored of one person and you move on and can go back whenever you want.

I'm playing with the idea of daily themes, so we'll try that out tomorrow with Mapping Monday, where I will pick a State.

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