Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thanks for asking about the book. It's really not much, but it was fun to do and will make some members of my family happy for a few minutes. If you watched the YouTube video thing that I did, it's basically a long, long version of that without music.

It's also a good test of what it entails, since it's only 24 pages long. I'd like to get a few of the family lines into a book format, so this is a nice test.  I wanted a print-on-demand (POD) project so that I could just buy a few copies as gifts and then have it there in case any one wanted to order themselves.  With these, you can make the price anything you want as long as it's at least the cost the POD company has to make it.  I'll make my prices their prices, as it's really a way for me to put it out there. 

Anyway, it likely won't be fun for many of those who weren't there, but when I do it, I'll also have a free PDF version so that you can take a peak at it.

Right now, I am going to type in the changes I made yesterday (I can only edit in pen and it must be red or blue- why is that??!? Most people could just do it on the screen, I'm sure). Anyway, I have to make those changes to my Word document and then format it to a PDF in a special way so that the fonts and pictures are "embedded". It looked like a lot of steps, but I'll keep you posted.  Then I upload the PDF.

Then I have to create the cover. 

One step at a time.  I'll keep you posted.

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