Saturday, February 5, 2011

Today's Genealogy Fun

Today I went to the Santa Clara County Historical and Genealogicial Society 2011 seminar.  This seminar was all day and free.  Yep.  Free.  Cost zero dollars and zero cents.  The kids and I spent the night at my mom's in Sunnyvale so that I would be closer to the venue in the morning.  It was well-orchestrated and really nicely put together.  I was extremely impressed.

I also did the silent auction and won a special 2-year membership to the Silicon Valley Computer Genealogy Group, along with a ton of other cool things that I haven't even looked through yet. 

The classes were great: Land records, Court records, Interviewing, and Spreadsheets.  Something for everyone.

I'm a very happy genealogy camper right now.

Plus my Flip-Pal is here and I scanned a bunch of Mom's pictures...

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