Monday, July 11, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Movies

I have never been very great with movies, which is odd considering my husband is a movie officinal.  I tend to begin with great intentions and right about the time the movie is getting really good, I hear myself thinking in capital letters, “THIS IS A *GREAT* MOV--- zzzzzz” and I sleep through the rest.

I know I’ve always been this way, as I’ve several memories of double features at the drive-in where all I remember is Mom passing around the bucket of her homemade fried chicken and the grocery bag filled with from-home buttered popcorn.  And then being carried to bed in my footy pajamas.

I do, however, remember a couple of movies from childhood.  The first is the Wizard of Oz,
which came on TV once a year and was An Event.  I remember we’d go to Grandma
and Grampa’s house all all the family would watch together (on this sofa).

I remember seeing Charlotte’s Web at the drive-in.  I’d just read the book and so I guess that made it easier to stay awake for.  The first movie was Snoopy Come Homewhich I also remember.  But E.B. White has always been a personal favorite author of mine (you MUST read, Elements of Style), so I gather my first taste of ol’ EB lead me to wanting to see the big screen adaptation so badly that I crossed over the Debbie Movie Sleep Factor tm. 

I also remember Dad taking us to see that “bunny cartoon,” Watership Down.  Watching decapitated and bloody cartoon rabbits isn’t something an eleven-year-old can forget in a mere 33 years.

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