Friday, July 15, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Vacations

Although I already wrote about my summer vacations traveling with my best friend as a teen, my favorite childhood vacations were actually more about the journeys than the destinations.

For instance, I don’t remembered details of being at Disneyland, but I remember driving there.  Mom would pack a cooler of food and drinks and they’d be on the floor of the backsets- resting directly below the dangling feet of my brother and me.    We’d anxiously await the time we’d get to delve in.  Mom or Dad with say it.  Either “So, what’ve we got to eat back there?” or “Should we stop to eat?”

My personal favorite would be when we would eat and keep driving.  Mom would divvy everything up and we just eat ‘n’ drive.  Second best would be when we’d stop at a truck stop and be able to watch from our picnic table as the truckers and other travelers drove up and then out.

Sorry, Mom and Dad.  You didn’t’ need to spend all that money on D tickets at Disneyland and hotels and campground rentals; all we needed was a long car drive.

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