Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Letters, Oh I Got Letters

Actually, it was e-mails I got.  *THOSE* emails that we live and blog for.  The emails from someone SUPER nice who live in the town your ancestors are from and found you while doing random Googling and just may well be related to you.  And are going to run to the cemetery to see more.  And are super nice making you even more want to take a trip to Scotland. 

Now how to figure out if her William and Thomas and John Connor are related to my William and Thomas and John Connor.  And Jane.  Don't forget Jane/Janet/Jannett/Jennett/Jenny/Jennette.

We are guessing that her William is brother to my Thomas, but aren't sure.  Her William married a Janet Humes.  My Thomas named a daughter Janet Humes Connor...  Here William had children named Jane, William, John.  My Thomas had children named the same (and then some).  They were both from Carluke.  My Thomas' parents were William and Jane Simpson, born in Ireland.  The only William and Jane b. Ireland their age are the parents of Thomas (1851 census) and of William (1861 and 71 census).  But they never appear together, so we aren't sure yet if they are the same family.

We are working on it though.

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