Saturday, August 13, 2011

Finding Living Cousins

I think I need a new template…

Dear Blank,

While listening to Geneabloggers’ radio and subsequently summertime songs on the hangout, I Internet stalked you and found this address.  I believe we are cousins, both descending from Blank.  You descend from his son Blank and I from his son Blank. 

Please send me any pictures, stories, documents, etc. that you have.  I want it all.  So that I can write about it on my Blog.



  1. Great ideas! Think I will be using this one! ;-)

  2. Brilliant! Can't decide if I want to use this or if I want to be found. If I am I promise to send it ALL to you so you can write about it. I'll go to the beach!

  3. Absolutely hysterical! Haven't we all received one written from that template!

  4. Very funny. I can relate to this, especially as it applies to 2nd/3rd cousins or beyond! My quest for ancestors has turned me into a stalker of the living!