Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wisdom Wednesday- Scotland’s People is WAY More Fun than Vegas

Earlier this week, I read about the promotion on ScotlandsPeople for oversees customers.  They are giving away 30 free credits.  I ran over there (figuratively with my fingers and mouse) and got my free credits.

I’ve spent a lot of time on Scotland’s People in the past, but to buy credits is an ordeal.  I have to get denied by my bank (they see my account and know there is no possible freaking way that I can afford to be in Scotland), get my account suspended, wait for the bank to call before I use any money (on SP or elsewhere), and then wait for my account to be activated and redo the order.  So I only do it when I really, really need something. 

Or when someone gives me 30 free credits. 

If you haven’t been on the site, they have original records that you buy with credits.  It’s 1 credit to look at the search results and 5 credits for an image.  So it’s a bit like a slot machine with two times to ante up: the first gives you some odds and the second can be a jackpot or a bust.

You sit down at a slot machine Type your information in the search boxes.
Pull the handle Click search.
The wheels spin cursor turns into a sand-dial.
You get some cherries and oranges It tells you how many matches you have.
That’s when the real gambling starts.  You pick one and spend your five credits.

And you waste 5 credits. 

Or... up pops your 4th great grandparents’ marriage information from the parish record…


P.S. I'm now down to my last 6 credits... one search and one image... It's burnin' a hole in my pocket...

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