Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Talented Tuesday: Hewlett Packard and Family Trees

My grandmother, Signa Felt, was an engraver for Hewlett Packard in Palo Alto, California for many years.  All the HP equipment had plates with writing that was done by my grandmother or her team.  She even did the plaque on the front of Mr. Packard’s boat.

For my great grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary, my grandmother made this plaque, which I find fascinating, as the reason I began researching family history was for a plaque.  I wanted to create one for my grandfather of his descendents for his 75th birthday and couldn’t get the spacing right.  I bought a genealogy computer program and now here we are, 14 years later…

I cannot get this iPhone picture to turn right-side-up.  Sorry.  Just turn your head...

My grandfather also worked at HP for a time.  He was in production and then a master scheduler.


  1. What a great story! It's amazing how little things--like the plaque in your case--can get us interested in family history.

  2. Enjoyed your post, and love the story of the plaques! It's always neat to hear what started the journey for someone - what was the puzzle or question (or plaque!) that grabbed their attention. :-)

  3. I loved seeing this, as an HP employee back in 1969 !