Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Advent Calendar - December 12 – Charitable/Volunteer Work

Advent Calendar - December 12 – Charitable/Volunteer Work

Originally posted 12/12/2010.  Updated below.

Sadly, we have never made charity a priority as we should. We do Toys for Tots each year- the children now choose and buy a gift with their own money. And I sell children's books and donate all of my commissions from September through December to a charity.

But we've never done soup kitchens or the like. Just simple canned food/toys for tots, etc. This year we will be caroling at a retirement center and apparently that is charitable, but I find it charitable on their part more so than ours...

12/12/2012- This year we volunteered for a food drive in front of a local grocery store.  We asked for people to buy certain foods as they did their shopping and then bring to us out front.  We also had bags ready if they just wanted to give us $10.  My 5-year-old son was a kick in the pants.  Completely in their faces.  "WOULD YOU LIKE TO PUT FOOD IN OUR FOOD BANK?"  And he remembered if you said you were going to do it on your way out and then didn't.  And call you out.  In front of God and everyone.  All the way to your car.

We also helped out at an underprivileged children's party.  So we are stepping up our volunteer game.

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