Friday, December 30, 2011


I was really good at my last goal of 2011: “Toss all of the above [goals] to 2012 when I find something really exciting on some other line that wasn’t on The List.”

REALLY good… I got sidetracked the first part of the year with a writing project on the Mariani family, which isn’t even my family.  However, it resulted in a Lulu book and another half finished book on their actual family history. 

But then THAT sidetracked project got sidetracked by the writing project for my Conner family after a trip to Grampa’s in August that featured 500 scanned pictures and a story to go with each.

So some of my 2011 goals that were supposed to be put to 2012 are likely going to be 2013.  Here is the summary:

1. Write up what I know of John Shelton.- Not done.  Moving to 2012.
2. Write up what I know about Laura Wilkinson.- Completed and published in the Livermore-Amador Genealogical Society’s quarterly newsletter.
3. Write up what I know about William Mason Conner.- I have enough on William Mason to do a nice photo book.  This will be a 2012 project. 
4. Fill in some blanks about Thomas Conner.- Need to order Thomas’ death certificate.
5. Write the Mariani history as I know it.- 2012 project.
6. Source all of the above.- Sourcing as I go.  Good girl, Debbie!
7. Begin a family newsletter for descendents of William Mason Conner.- Began a Facebook page and decided a newsletter isn’t really a good format for sharing these days.  Terminated goal.
8. Find descendents of William Mason Conner.- found some on Facebook and sent emails on others.  Got some responses and that is enough for now.
9. Teach a home school class on family history for young children.- In progress now.  Enjoying it!
10. Toss all of the above to 2012's list when I find something really exciting on some other line that wasn't on The List.- As I said, this goal is MASTERED!!!

So here are my 12 for ‘12 goals:

  1. Finish rough draft of Dukes of Mixager.
  2. Edit Dukes of Mixager.
  3. Publish Dukes of Mixager.
  4. Finish rough draft of Chicken Wings and Peas.
  5. Edit Chicken Wings and Peas.
  6. Publish Chicken Wings and Peas.
  7. Put together photo book of William Mason Conner.
  8. Order death cert for Thomas Conner.
  9. Order Civil War records for Miles Price.
  10. Write up John Shelton and do research on Shelton line.
  11. Write at least one post per week on genealogy blog AND family blog
  12. Do NOT get sidetracked by other projects!

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