Sunday, July 29, 2012

Goals Goals Goals

I haven’t visited my goals in a very long time and I really need to…  I’ve slacked off on my blog writing due to the writing goal of finishing my Grampa book.  Now that I’m on the home stretch for that, I am going to keep better track of my goals.
Revisiting my 12 for 2012 goals, I find that I’m doing pretty well.
1.      Finish rough draft of Dukes of Mixager.  DONE.  I finished last week and had Cousin Cindy read it and next up Aunt Karen gives her final go through.
2.      Edit Dukes of Mixager.  I’m done with my part.  Now it’s in Aunt Karen’s hands (or will be once she receives it in the mail).
3.      Publish Dukes of Mixager.  Waiting for Aunt Karen’s edits.
4.      Finish rough draft of Chicken Wings and Peas.  I’m nearly finished.  I hope to finish this while Dukes is at Lulu.
5.      Edit Chicken Wings and Peas.  Pending the rough draft.
6.      Publish Chicken Wings and Peas.  Pending the rough draft.
7.      Put together a photo book of William Mason Conner.  I incorporated this into the Dukes of Mixager.  Done.
8.      Order death certificates from Iowa.  Done.
9.      Order Civil War pension file and service records for Miles Price.  Done.  Received.  Enjoying.  Another book needs to be written (2013 goal?)
10.     Write up John Shelton and do research on Shelton line.  This is getting moved to 2013.  I’m hung up on the Connor and Price lines and if I segue to Shelton, I’ll just prove I have severe ADD.
11.     Write at least one post per week on genealogy blog and family blog.  Oops.  Epic fail.  Will try harder going forward.
12.     Do not get sidetracked by other projects.  I’ve done okay on this one, with the exception of the pension file taking up time.  But if I move Shelton out, I can still work on the book for the Civil War and the Chicken Wings and Peas.  Books books books.

In addition to these goals, I also am coordinating two new special interest groups for my local genealogical society.  I do a writing group once a month and a lunch-n-learn featuring different topics.  

And I have two young children.  And I work full time.

Not.  Too.  Shabby.

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