Saturday, July 7, 2012

Northern California Family History Expo-Day 2

Today's classes that I took started with Genealogy on the Go with Roots Magic's Michael Booth. I jotted down a number of new ideas and website and applications.

After that I went to Gena Philibert Ortega's class about the National Institute for Genealogical Studies. I didn't win the 9 courses, but now I know I will be paying for at least that many.

Stories to Tell (Biff and Nancy Barnes) then had a class on book design. I know I've made so many mistakes in my Grampa book. Next time I'm hiring Biff and Nancy.

I had never heard Arlene Eakle speak before so I attended her Irish genealogy class. Sadly, I didn't read the syllabus. The class is on Irish coming to America. I still picked up a lot of ideas even though my Irish went to Scotland.

Today I had lunch with Sheri Fenley and Kim Von Aspern-Parker and a table of other expo goers. The hotel had a buffet out with lasagna and whatnot, which was very nice.

Other highlights were getting a copy of Paul Larsen's Genealogy Toolbox and talking to Biff and Nancy Barnes, as well as Frankel & Fisch, who gave me some great ideas. Also, Michael Booth of Roots Magic gave me a copy of Personal Historian to give away to the L-AGS writing group. I told him I'd purchased a copy for that purpose, but after his class yesterday I knew I wasn't giving it up. He went to his booth and grabbed one for me to give away. I will need to think of some sort of contest now...

Next up is the closing speech and final raffle. Here's hoping I win!

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  1. It was great being able to spend some time with you Debbie. We need to get together again real soon!