Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Advent Calendar - December 21 – Christmas Music

I remember singing the traditional Christmas songs in school and then teaching them to my little brother. We'd ruin those poor songs between us. I remember on Christmas Eve driving back from my aunt's house singing, "Mary had a baby, yes, lord. Mary had a baby, yes, my lord. Mary had a baby YES lord. The people keep a'coming and the train done gone." Only we sang it really, really, really fast. And over and over again.

We were also big fans of the changed up versions (think "Batman Smells") and of any that we could sing in rounds.

I don't remember ever caroling as a family. My school choir class caroled one year at the retirement center, though. I remember the people all dressed up and smiling at us. I felt like the most important special person in the world that night. They treated us like gold.

My very favorite Christmas song, though, is Bing's White Christmas. Only because it was my grandmother's favorite (the grandmother that my daughter is named for). She loved the song and because of that, so do I.

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