Saturday, December 4, 2010

Advent Calendar - December 4 - Christmas Cards

Advent Calendar - December 4 - Christmas Cards

My mom ALWAYS sends Christmas cards. Always. It’s a big ordeal as she writes notes in each and sends to everyone, keeping in touch annually. She makes me proud.

I strive to do this. I have at least addressed and put together holiday cards every year- it’s just that I know of at least two years in the past where I never mailed them. By the time I got around to buying stamps, it was time for Valentine’s Cards.

But hopefully those years are over and I now have my fancy homemade cards ready to go and the post woman is supposed to bring my stamps any day now (delivery is my new favorite word).

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  1. Wow - *homemade* cards...that's impressive!! I feel really good if I can add a line or two beyond my name to the store-bought cards :-)