Friday, February 11, 2011

Almost done...

I just have to type up the bibliography and create a cover and then my first book is DONE! And the second is a quarter of the way done. WOO HOO!

I also found some gems on my husband's side yesterday. They had this odd connection to Colorado that I couldn't figure out at all. So I did a random Google Book search with the name and "Colorado" and there it was. My husband's great grandfather's brother went there and their mother joined him after the death of her husband. I am now guessing that great great grandfather and his other brother (both of whom were married to this grandmother, so I'm not sure which is the father yet) came to be with John and their mother. The book gives a lot of details on John, so I have a lot of places to look next.

I also found this from the San Francisco Call, Saturday, July 8, 1899:

Ex-Constable Coschina Under Arrest at San Jose.
SAN JOSE, July 7.—Ex-Constable Mat
Coschina was arrested to-day for having
threatened to killAttorney W. M. Beggs.
He was subsequently released on $1000
ball. His preliminary examination will be
held to-morrow. The trouble grows out
of an attachment served by Coschina a
couple of years ago while Constable. In
the trial of the suit the attachment was
set aside and judgment was given against
Coschina and became a lien against the
latter's property, although indemnity had
been given to protect the officer. For
some time Coschina has been preparing
to go to Angels Camp, and he had arranged
to borrow $1200 on his property, but
could not do so until this lien was released.
• \u25a0
Beggs is attorney for J. O. Hickey. who
holds the lien. Yesterday Coschina went
to Beggs and told him. his wife was seriously
ill from worry over the affair and
if she died he would killBeggs. Hence the
Attorney Beggs. on the other hand, has
bought a revolver and declares he will
shoot Coschina should Coschina show his
head in his office. '

Matthew Coschina was my husband's great grandfather on his grandmother's side. He was a constable, officer and sheriff in Santa Clara County. The Hickey case was actually taken to the State Supreme Court and basically Coschina lost. In essence, he was to seize property of someone and that someone had given it all to his son-in-law, so Grampa Coschina took it from the son-in-law. Cigars. A whole bunch of expensive cigars.

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  1. I'd love to hear more about your book. Is it a combination of blog posts or a whole separate effort? I've not heard of lulu. Good luck.