Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mariani Ranch

Now that my dad has his copy, I can share my first ever book!  You may recall the presentation I shared.  Well, that was actually part of a book that I was working on.  Actually, part of a book that I’m still working on, but I decided to do one part as its own separate book.

I gave a copy to my parents for their birthdays and then sent a copy to my grandfather and a copy to my brother.  I also sent a copy to the man I know that is (or was- not sure now) the home owner’s association president for Blue Oaks, the site of the former Mariani Ranch.

I’m actually really proud of it!  Here is the link to its very own site.  The Mariani Ranch.

WOO HOO! Since the next book is the history of the Mariani family itself, I think I'll use the same exact style and cover.  Make it a 2-book set.   

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  1. Very cool, Debbie! Thanks for bringing to my attention.