Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday: Jarone and Giaidone Families

On Sunday, we went to see Cousin Phil (aka Little Phil) and he took us to the cemetery to show us where a number of those in Marc's family are buried. 

Marc's grandparents, Carl Jarone (aka Callo Giaidone/Giadone) and Olivia Silveira.

Phil's parents, Sam Giadone and Lucille Jarone (Sam and Lucille were cousins and Lucille was brother to Marc's grandfather above).  This is also the plot for the matriarch, Josephine Sparacino, mother to Carl.  Carl's brother Paul is also in this plot.

Joseph is another sibling to Marc's grandfather, Carl.  Yoshiko is still alive.

Philip is another brother to Marc's grandfather, Carl.

This is Carl's nephew, "Big Phil".  He was the son of Roy, Carl's brother.

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