Tuesday, July 12, 2011

List Posts

Here is my post of a list, which also happens to be my check in on how my genealogical goals are going:

  • Write up what I know of John Shelton.- Not done yet. 
  • Write up what I know about Laura Wilkinson.- Check.
  • Write up what I know about William Mason Conner.- Still working on it.
  • Fill in some blanks about Thomas Conner.- Still working on it.
  • Write the Mariani history as I know it.- Still working on it.  Heavily.  This is my focus right now.  I have 2 chapters of book 2 done.
  • Source all of the above.- I’m sourcing as I go.  Easier that way.
  • Begin a family newsletter for descendents of William Mason Conner.- Began a Facebook page and designed the format of the newsletter, but I won’t do the first newsletter until the book is done. (see above)
  • Find descendents of William Mason Conner.- found some on Facebook and sent emails on others.  Next is regular mail.
  • Teach a home school class on family history for young children.- planned out and just waiting for the Fall.
  • Toss all of the above to 2012's list when I find something really exciting on some other line that wasn't on The List.- Check!  Found a cousin/relative in Scotland, so we are working on that side right now.


  1. I'm curious about your Laura Wilkinson. Was she from New England? Love your photo of NEHGS. I haven't been in yet this summer, and the remodeled entry looks great!

  2. Hi, Heather. I've always wondered if our Wilkinsons fit together. Laura was born in Ohio to Thomas Wilkinson and Charity Cisco. Thomas was born to Asahel Wilkinson and Charity Rogan. They were from Harrison County, VA.

  3. I know that several of the NH Wilkinsons went west to Illinois before the Civil War, and some went to Iowa. Many of the Rhode Island Wilkinsons (descendants of Lawrence Wilkinson) went south to New Jersey and Pennsylvania because they were Quakers before the Revolution, and then went further south from there.

  4. I haven't found anything to verify, but one Wilkinson document says that Asahel Wilkinson was the son of John/Joseph Wilkinson from Ulster, Ireland. John/Joseph came here to Virginia (Harrison Co) in 1750 according to this doc.