Saturday, January 7, 2012

Surname Saturday: Anthony (but not really)

My 9th great grandfather, Thomas Brownell’s 5th great grandson married Susan Anthony.  Susan was sister to Daniel Anthony.  Daniel named his daughter, Susan Brownell Anthony” after his sister and her husband.  So I’m not related to Susan B. Anthony, but I know what the “B” stands for!

Thomas Brownell m. Ann Bourne
William Brownell m. Sarah Smiton
William Brownell m. Lydia Soule
Sarah Brownell m. Samuel Irish
Smiton Irish m. Elizabeth Simmons
John Irish m. Mercy Mae
Caleb Irish m. Orinda Palmer
Chester Gilbert Irish m. Francis E. Simmons
Minnie Mae Irish m. Robert Henry Badgley
Charles Albert Badgley m. Ethyl Maxine Shelton
My mom

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