Saturday, January 11, 2014

52 Books in 52 Weeks

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Stephanie Pitcher Fishman dared invited readers to a reading challenge to read a book a week. There are no page requirements or limits. Her "rules" work for me and I'm going to spend some time this weekend updating GoodReads (it's way old now...).

Like Stephanie, I usually have several books going at a time. Right now, I've got one on the iPad Kindle ap (Jennifer Campbell's Start and Run a Personal History Business), one on the bedside table (Stephen King's On Writing), two on the Kindle (Alice Munro's Dear Life and Thomas MacEntee's Pinning Your Family History), and one in my work bag (Kelly James Enger’s Writer for Hire).

I will make my 52 list and keep track on my GoodReads page, should you wish to follow!

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  1. 'On Writing' is on my list for the year, too. I've been waiting to find one used locally but I think I'm breaking down and ordering one from Amazon. It's not one that I want to read on my iPad because it just begs for notes.I love your list. Can't wait to see what your read this year. I'll be stalking your Goodreads even more now. ;)

    So glad you're joining me!

  2. Genealogy and history books that I want to read (and some that I've finished and enjoyed) are listed on I especially recommend Weevils in the Flour.