Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I Don't Do Resolutions

I make To-Do Lists instead...

At the bottom of this post is my master list of Genealogy Things to Do.  I crossed off those I accomplished in 2013 and put those that I plan to do in 2014 in red.

 Breaking down my 2014 list, here are my objectives in order of do-ability:
·         Write a book about the Mariani family.- This book is in the finishing stages.  Also known as the boring stages.  I just need to hunkerdown and get r done.  Timeline goal: end of March release.
·         Visit Sacramento- 1) 2nd great grandparent's house; 2) Roots Cellar Library. - I can take a day trip with the kids for this.  First step is to find out where the house was.  Slate that for March and trip for April.
·         Find out more about Miles Price’s parents. - I’m going to need to figure out how to research this.  Plan for when Mariani book is done, so April.
·         Update my website with all new features. – This requires research and plotting and planning, as well as learning a new platform.  I will plan this for the second half of the year.
·         Write a book about my dad and my personal history.- I will continue adding stories to my journal about Dad throughout the year.  This will be a multi-year project.
·         Take classes at National Institute for Genealogical Studies.  This requires money.  Once I have enough to spend, I will continue my classes.
·         Write a book about Miles Price.- I just got some pension file records from my husband's 2nd great grandfather.  I may try to combine these records into a book.  There are a lot of similarities and I have some ideas of making a combo project that will be interesting (maybe).  I began looking into this book, but it requires much research and organization.  This may or may not get started this year.

My quick wins are finishing the Mariani book and visiting Sacramento.  I will focus on the Mariani book first and then revisit the list to see what strikes my fancy!  The other main thing I want to accomplish this year is more blogging.  I slacked off in deference to my Mariani writings in 2013.  To kick this off, my goal for January is a post a day and 500 words per day of writing.  We will see how I do!

In my personal life, in addition to moving, I'm facing many other large changes that are not necessarily for the immediate good.  So my ancestors and writing are going to be a focus this year, keeping me strong and making me feel a purpose and importance. And love. I never feel stronger than when learning about many great grandparents and the struggles they faced in their every day lives. I have their genes.  I'm going to be just fine.



Debbie’s Master List of Genealogy Things to Do

Lucas County, Iowa where my Conner and Price families lived
Capa, South Dakota where my grandfather lived.  Preferably WITH my grandfather.
Haakon County, South Dakota where my 2nd great grandfather had a homestead
Sacramento- 2nd great grandparent's house
Sacramento- Roots Cellar Library
Massachusetts- New England Historic Genealogical Society
Massachusetts- Plymouth again
Indiana- Allen County Public Library again
San Francisco- Sutro Library
Salt Lake City- Family History Library
Motor home the Civil War route that Miles’ took
Carluke, Scotland
Go on a genealogy cruise

Write a book about my dad- in progress
Write a book about Miles Price- in progress
Write a book about the Mariani family- in progress
Complete a genealogy scrapbook
Enter footnotes to Duke’s book
Write a 5-generation book of the kids' ancestors
Write my personal family history book- in progress
Picture book of Christmas decorations
Revisit blog posts and update to provide source info

Roots Tech
FGS conference
NGS conference

Find out more about Miles Price’s parents
Take classes at National Institute for Genealogical Studies
Learn to do presentationsOngoing
Learn Photoshop
Learn inDesign
Learn how to do a for-family podcast
Update my website with all new features
Map and pin where ancestors were from and lived


  1. Enjoying your blog as always. Jackie H x

  2. Would love to see you in Carluke .x