Friday, January 17, 2014

Mormon Island: Revisited. Twice.

William and Signa at the edge of Folsom Lake, August 2013

In August, I wrote about my grandparents summering at MormonIsland (now Folsom, California). In September, the kids and I visited my cousin and we all walked down to the receding lake and tromped around. Now, due to the current lack of water situation in California (clearly avoiding the "d" word...), apparently the old foundations are now showing through from before the dam.  The below links came from my homeschool group, as one family visited to learn about Gold Country History.

The Folsom Dam was built in 1955 covering the town of Mormon Island with water.  Here is a YouTube video showing some of the foundations and items popping through as the water gets more and more shallow.

Here are some more photos and some history.

And here is some information about visiting the area.

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