Monday, January 6, 2014

Cryptic Poetry

Cora "Ed" Shelton- white shirt, folded arms
Been trying my hand at poetry lately.  Some of it is about me and my life and feelings.  Some are about my ancestors.  Trying to give some meat to their bones.  Some petals for their flowers.  This one is a bit cryptic, but it goes with the story of Cora.  So once you read the story of Cora, it makes more sense.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Regardless...

A Pack of Camels, Unfiltered

Your name was Cora, but you said it was Charles.
You went by “Ed.”
You owned a sewing shop with your young wife.

Your strict parenting was remembered.
Your secrets were remembered.
You were always fun. Always the life of the party.

You had a wife before and it’s sad that through history
It was thought there was divorce.
There was not.  There was tragedy.

Your dark hair and blue eyes have not been passed down.
But your work ethics and your strength have.
Thank you, Grampa Cora.

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