Wednesday, January 26, 2011

All roads lead to...

Ohio.  Not sure why, but I am nearly positive that EVERY branch of my family touches Ohio at some point in my research.  Luckily, I have family in Ohio, so I go there anyway, but it's odd to me that every time I find a new branch, it's in Ohio. 

My newest obsession is my husband's side in Scioto County.  So I've been spending a lot of virtual time in Scioto County, Ohio, getting to know it and getting to love it.


  1. Ohio's a great state! Have you looked at Linkpendium? You might find some helpful resources, especially if you haven't been searching for a very long time. Here's the link:

  2. Well of course all roads lead to Ohio - as one of their tourism slogans says, "Ohio, the Heart of it all!" I have quite a lot of ancestors that ended up in Ohio. Are your going to attend the Ohio Genealogical Society conference this year?

  3. No OGS conference for me this year, but maybe someday!