Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Big Nowhere

I tried to get somewhere with my Fishers from Bavaria yesterday. I just reached for low hanging fruit, but the tree was fruitless. As were my searches. So I need to jot down what I know and order certificates and look up naturalization records and and and. Makes it more fun, but for this line, I was sorta hoping for the fruit.

The Scioto County (Ohio) rootsweb mail list gave me a ton of great newspaper articles and things on the Fishers and the Smiths. Now to figure out who is who, since they were all Henry and Kilbourne (and all the spellings). I think I will write out both families with all I know and share that with the family now, rather than wait until I have more. I'll work on that for the next few weeks and see where it gets me.

For my Scotland researching friends, why would my grandparents live at and get married at 10 Maryhill Road in Carluke (now Glasgow)? Was this their home? A church? Both? Any clues on this?

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