Saturday, January 8, 2011

Odd Thoughts

I'm right now focused on my Reuben Smith of Scioto County, Ohio. Hyperfocused really. So as I entered the dates of birth and death of his children, I got sad. And my thought, although not completely verbalized, were something along the lines of being really sad for Reuben that his children died.

Keep in mind that this is actually odd, as all of them were born in the early 1800s... OF COURSE they died. And AFTER Reuben.

Anyway, my beloved Lucas County Iowa Genealogical Society sent me this picture:

The woman second from the left is my great, great grandmother. The man on the far right COULD be my great, great grandfather, but I'm not sure. My only clue is that he stands like a Conner. One of the boys could be my great grandfather. Not sure. But COULD be. Sending to my grandfather to see if he knows.

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