Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fruit and Serendipity

Yesterday was one of those fruitful days where the fruit is shown to you, but you have to wait to pick it. To begin with, a giant box of Christmas presents from family came while I was at work. I knew it would come yesterday, as the non-serendipitous part of my world dictated that it come on the one day I wasn't going to be home until way after the kids went to bed. So we wait until today to open.

Second, my articles from the Lucas County Iowa Genealogical Society came. So many tidbits and treasures. Enough for a book, I think, with some fleshing out with pictures and stories and history.

Third, I had a genealogy meeting last night. I'd been meaning to go for awhile and had Oct, Nov, Dec. on the calendar, but never made it. Decided I HAD to for January. No clue what the topic was. I got there and it was a man writing a book about a family from the next town over. Interesting, I thought. Tidbits and facts and maybe I could learn a bit how to write a book. Then he said he was going to discuss his research and how he got from little to a book. More interesting. And then he said that a major focus was on the Bavarian records and how he got those.

This past weekend, I found grandparents that came from Bavaria. I noted that what I know about Bavaria is that it is chocolatey and that I was going to have to learn more.

And so last night, I did. Without even trying.

And here is an article and picture from the front page of the 20 September 1956 Russell Newspaper. I have to have my grandpa tell me who is who, though.

Russell, Iowa
Thursday, September 20, 1956

Reunion After 40 Years
The above picture was taken this summer at the William Conner home, when they had a reunion with their sons. It was the first time they had all been together in 40 years.
They are Albert, Huron, South Dakota; Miles, Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Orville, Redwood City, California; Lawrence, Roseville, California; and Ansel, of Northwood, Iowa.

And apparently my great, great grandmother, Harriet Orvilla Price Conner was present at someone's birth.

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