Thursday, September 27, 2012

Livermore-Amador Genealogical Society (L-AGS) Board Meeting

Last night was the board meeting for L-AGS.  I missed the last meeting due to Dad’s passing, but I always enjoy the meetings.  I’m not on the board, but I write the eBulletin each month and I get good ideas from the Board. 
They amaze me in what they accomplish each month in helping others.  These wonderful people spend more than full time jobs helping other people with their research.  For free.  They are each very inspiring to me.

Tonight’s meeting focused on some of the programs our club has or is in the process of sponsoring.  One is the Ask Granny they recently did with a local retirement community.  There were 18 residents who came and sat three to a table with one docent. It was all paper and pen and they filled out charts and forms based on what they knew or remembered.  It was very well received and they are looking to do this again in other arenas.

Another is the October Heritage Happenings at all of our local libraries.  They have greeters, guides and facilitators who help community members with their genealogy.  There are quite a few people volunteering and I hope our times at the library will be filled up with people wanting to learn more about their family history.

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