Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thankful Thursday- Penny

When my dad told me that he was ceasing medical intervention and that he’d be passing away soon, I had to find a way to talk to him without crying when I went to visit.  The way that worked for me was to give him a job when he got there.  I told him that our Civil War grandfather’s parents were not to be found on this realm and so if I someday found the names of his parents, I would know they came from him and that he’s okay.  That was Sunday.

On Monday, I got our Civil War grandfather’s death certificate in the mail listing his parent’s names.  This alone was creepy, as I ordered it a VERY long time ago and was told it couldn’t be located.  After I stopped shaking, I decided it was Grampa Price telling me that of course Dad would be okay when he got there.  Don’t be stupid, third great granddaughter.

I called Dad to tell him and Dad said he’d find something else to send me.  That was on Monday night.  Dad passed away at 2:30 on Thursday morning.  At 6:00 on Thursday morning, I got an email from a fellow genealogist, named Penny.  Penny was researching her best friend’s family history and came across some of my postings with the same family, generations back.  She then offered to look through the film she had from the FHC of both places that my ancestors were from for MY line (not her friend’s line). 

On Friday in the mail I received a huge packet of actual scans of the German church records.  Thankfully, she is super smart and super wonderful and even transcribed the important parts for me.

I can’t say this is Dad’s doing for sure, as then it takes away Penny’s contribution, but I wonder if Dad helped find Penny for me?  Regardless, all I can really say for sure with absolute certainty is that Penny is a wonderful gem in my genealogy world and has brought some great joy and smiles to me in a very difficult time.

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