Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Travel Tuesday: State Study- Georgia and New Jersey

Each week the kids study two States for homeschool.  Their studies include the State abbreviation, capital, motto, nickname, flower, bird, song, flag and something interesting.  This week, I decided to do my own State study and do a list of people in my genealogy database from the States the kids are studying.  They’ve already done a few, so I’ll jump in on this week and catch up later. 

This week’s States are:  Georgia and New Jersey

Only one event in Georgia and that is the marriage of my undocumented 4th great uncle, Philip Zimmerman, and his wife. I haven’t worked on my Zimmerman line, so this is taken from the work of a cousin.  Not sure Phil is even mine, but he’s my only Georgia person, so I’ll list him here.  I have no idea what part of GA they married, but here is who he was to me:

Philip Zimmerman was the son of Barnard Zimmerman, my (apparent) 5th great grandfather.  Another of Barnard’s (apparent) sons was John B. Zimmerman.  John B. Zimmerman married Cynthia Kincaid and their daughter, Mariah E. Zimmerman married Francis Doty.  The John B/Kincaid/Mariah/Francis part I have documentation on.  It’s John B’s parents that I’m not sure about.

In NJ I had better luck with family.  My DOTYs where here for a bit with Samuel, son of Edward from the Mayflower coming to Piscataway, NJ from Plymouth.  He was married and died there in Piscataway. His son, Samuel, was also born and died in Piscataway, as was his wife, Elizabeth Hull.  Samuel and Elizabeth had a son named John, also born and died in Piscataway.  From there my line gets sketchy, so I’ll just leave it with this.

My HULSE family (some listed above with Georgia information) begins with Benjamin Hulsaert who was born in the Netherlands and died in Monmouth County, NJ.  His children were in Monmouth County for three generations before my Anthony Hulse moved to Ohio, and then his son and grandson to California much later.

The STONAKER family isn’t entirely mine, as Hal Stonaker was my step-grandfather.  However, I adored him, so his parents are in my family tree.  They were Ansel Dye Stonaker and Ethyl Marlott and both were born and married in NJ.

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