Monday, October 1, 2012


Revisiting my 12 for 2012 goals:

1.    Finish rough draft of Dukes of Mixager.  DONE
2.    Edit Dukes of Mixager.  DONE
3.    Publish Dukes of Mixager.  DONE
4.    Finish rough draft of Chicken Wings and Peas.  DONE
5.    Edit Chicken Wings and Peas.  Adding footnotes and final edit.
6.    Publish Chicken Wings and Peas.  Pending footnotes and final edit.
7.    Put together a photo book of William Mason Conner.  I incorporated this into the Dukes of Mixager.  Done.
8.    Order death certificates from Iowa.  Done.
9.    Order Civil War pension file and service records for Miles Price.  Done.
10.  Write up John Shelton and do research on Shelton line.  Move to 2013. 
11.  Write at least one post per week on genealogy blog and family blog.  Trying to do this.  Dad’s death made me realize it’s even more important.
12.  Do not get sidetracked by other projects.  Working on it.

With my goals nicely in progress, I feel like it’s time to start brainstorming what I want to accomplish in my genealogy life next year.

Some Possible Genealogy Goals for 2013:
·         Update Dukes of Mixager.  Yes, there are already updates.
·         Work on the Shelton line- I’d like to documentation each generation.
·         Get complete documentation to Miles Price.  Not sure what I don’t have, but I’m sure it’s something.
·         Write a book about Miles Price.
·         Take two classes each quarter with National Institute of Genealogical Studies.
·         Work on my genealogy database- I want to get it moved to RootsMagic, but by hand.  I would like to start with me and work my way back manually and so I will start with my Conner and Konst/Kunst lines (and Shelton while I work on that line).
·         Rebuild Capa in Google Earth

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